Only genuine way to fight Corona virus is to stay home, and help thousands of Corona fighters who are fighting for us on the frontline. We salute them who are fighting COVID-19 at the frontline, as well as who are staying home.


We are taking precautionary measures to ensure your safety:

Facility Sanitisation

All our warehouses and Sharp Imaging facilities are being sanitised on timely basis.

Team Health

Health of our employees and associates is constantly being monitored as per SOPs set the Ministry of Health.

Hand Hygiene

Our associates and employees have been trained on the best hygiene practices according to the Health Ministry’s guidelines.

Contactless Deliveries

We have asked our delivery associates to minimally and safely handle the packages. You can ask delivery person to leave your package on ground. Try to sanitise the box thoroughly before handling it.

By following these simple steps we can defeat Corona together.

Stay Safe, Stay healthy!


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