Relief in a Lockdown: Canon, Godox, Moza, & many others to offer extended warranty Leave a comment

As you all are aware of the current overall market situation, and photo industry is already suffering heavy business losses. Many weddings, other events are already been cancelled or postponed. Considering current situation of pandemic we can safely guess that there wont be any public gathering in coming future.

During these odds, first ray of hope came from Canon. On 7th April, a post from Canon India official facebook page surfaced, and it reads

We are extending warranty till 15th May on all products whose standard /extended warranty expires during the government imposed lockdown period.

Followed by Canon, many popular photo accessory brands have decided to give relief to their customers. Brands like Godox, Moza, Vanguard, Samyang, Hiti, Sekonic, NiSi, Andbon, Lilliput, datacolor, Viltrox, Loupedeck, Blackrapid etc. have decided to extend there warranty. In an official statement by their principal and official importer in India has released a statement quoting

As we are in complete lockdown so Photographers are not using our products so as Company we have decided to extend the warranty on products sold out by us for three months.
We really hope that every customer can get benefit from it so request you to please share below creative with your customers.

We hope many more brands come up with such solidarity and help the Photographer community while navigating such tough time.

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