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Dental photography is an essential part of modern dentistry – as well as an element of many advanced educational qualifications, where it’s a great way to illustrate a dentist’s skills and expertise.
At Sharp Imaging, we offer a range of DSLR cameras, lenses and specialist flashes that enable dentists and clinical staff to make consistent, accurate high quality pictures of patient’s teeth.

Dental photography kit comprises:

Camera Body:

We have range of DSLR, and new age mirrorless cameras to choose from. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, and Olympus are few of the leading brands of Imaging industry which are readily available at our store. For dental photography purpose one needs a basic camera with interchangeable lenses. Which gives the true real life colours, which are essential for the documentation. Smaller and lighter camera with tilting screen is much recommended.

Macro lens:

A macro lens has the ability to produce 1:1 life-size images which are distortion free. Extensive range of interchangeable lenses includes a choice of macro lenses that are ideal for dental photography are available at our store. Many standard intra-oral photographs are taken with 1:3 magnification and macro lenses give a comfortable working distance of 0.5m for such photographs. Since intraoral Photography is performed very closely, it is suggested to go with non image stabilizing lenses.

Macro flash:

This specialist flash is called a Macro Ring Lite. It comprises two flash tubes that are positioned on the front of the macro lens just out of the picture. Using the macro flash eliminates the variable quality of ambient light and allows the camera to photograph all teeth in clear detail. As macro Photography is performed very closely, camera mounted flash misses the subject, whereas ring flashes are mounted right next with camera lens, they never miss the subject and angle. At Sharp Imaging, we sell all the OEM as well as third party ring flashes for the dental photography.

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